Objects of Desire

“I only like to use gel ink, only black, not blue. I like to buy pens that have a certain feel. It’s the feel of the pen in my hand, it’s the feel of how it writes on the paper. I like it dark and clear, kinda in your face. I like it to dry fast so it doesn’t smear. I love fountain pens too, but they’re just a little too archaic.”

Dr. Surace is the author of 2 books, Stepping Stones Along the Path of Life, and Power Points from the Word. The above quote is from him on his favorite writing utensil.

I was talking with him about some of the rituals and habits that take shape with being both a writer and a lover of books. (As for Dr. Surace, the two go hand-in-hand as he is a writer, but also has an extensive library. For Dr. Surace, writing is a very intimate when he is alone in his thoughts. To properly set a  mood conducive for writing, absolute silence is requisite. He shares that he writes when everyone in his family is sleeping, or he opts to go to the office. Along with the quiet of solitude, Dr. Surace says that sometime he likes to include candles and sometimes music to help get his creative juices flowing. Favorite pen in hand, he usually prefers to put his chapters on paper first. Although, the majority of his writing is composed on his laptop.

Delving into the topic at hand, we discovered that certain products possess not only a quality  of functional excellence, (which is to be expected) but actually give off a spark of inspiration which generates motivation. They cause us to want to engage in the act of writing. For Dr. Surace, using a Pilot G-2Roller Ball Retractable pen makes the sometimes grueling writing process one step easier.

Great design produces a sensory acuteness that makes the  thought process sharper, resulting in the words to shine with clarity. So, can having a writing utensil that not only works great, but is ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing really make that much of a difference? Yep. Apparently, it can and it does.


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